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Content marketing should start and end with real business results.

Pathful provides the information you need in order to know what every piece of content is worth to your business’s bottom line - from a single tweet to individual page to a whole webinar.

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All of your content performance information in a single, easy to understand dashboard that shows the revenue generated from each piece of content and every content contributor.

Numbers that matter

No Vanity Metrics

Content marketing performance is more than just shares and likes. We evaluate the impact your content marketing has on generating leads and driving sales.

Get the most from your team

Team Performance

Now you can build the content marketing dream team by knowing who excels at engagement, promotion and driving sales through individual content contributor reports.

Unified Dashboard

Real Business Results

The only solution capable of answering the question ‘why does your content matter?’ by measuring the impact content marketing has on customers.

Pathful Plays well with others

Integrate with the Tools You Already Use

Your marketing mix probably includes marketing automation, web analytics, social media, and CRM tools — which work seamlessly with Pathful for a complete performance picture.

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